GPS is proud to be the leader in junior golf education. They offer a staff that has -

  • Coaching Experience
  • Professionally trained golf instructor
  • Expert in Junior golf development with academic degrees including Masters in Sports Management and Education, books and academic papers
  • Connected with over 800 coaches at every level
  • 100% success
  • Visited over 500 campuses allowing to provide families feedback about location, facilities, staff, dorms and general info
  • Global Perspective – GPS is the only company to operate internationally in every market

What we will do for you

  • Provide an honest evaluation of your junior golfer which includes feedback about their technical and tactical game
  • Provide feedback on their junior golf development plan
  • Provide feedback on playing schedule
  • Act as a qualified reference with over 800+ college golf coaches
  • Provide feedback on schools that meet the players academic, athletic, social and financial needs
  • Coach parents and junior golfer on the process including identifying schools, communication with coaches, proper visit etiquette and other areas
  • Support in the eligibility, transcripts, clearing house, testing, resume, video and application to school including I-20 visa.