• Brendan Ryan

    Helped 100+ Families with Coach search
    Visited over 500 campuses
    Network of over 800+ coaches at the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA levels
    10 years of coaching experience at the D1, D3, NAIA and NJCAA levels
    Coached Redlands Community College to National Championship victories in 2009 and 2012
    During 10 years of coaching, had 5 players win Individual National Champions – Chad Poling (’04), Jason Wellings (’06), Nicola Race (’09), Sarah Schobber (’12, ’13)
    Taught 100+ weeks of camps at places such at Indiana, Duke, Wake Forest, Purdue, UNC
    Mentored by top golf instructors including Henry Brunton, Marius Fillmalter, Sean Foley, Kevin Smeltz,
    Working on current academic research with Anders Eriksson and Sasho McKenzie
    Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Masters in Sports Management and Education

    Position: Owner of the company
    Experience: 10 years
    Email ID: [email protected]

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  • Clint Rice

    Clint joined the PGA of Australia in 2003 and completed his educational training and coaching in 2005. Clint has since travelled the world coaching and playing tours such as the PGA Tour of Canada, PGA Tour of Australasia and the OneAsia Tour. Throughout Clint’s professional career he has coached many players from first time beginners through to professional players. Clint has built a lot of his knowledge through working one on one with some of the world’s best coaches including Sean Foley, Scott Hamilton and James Sieckmann.

    With specific testing, planning and implementing new improvement habits, Clint’s passion is seeing golfer’s improve their mechanics technically, physically and mentally, from juniors through to senior golfers an improvement plan can be tailored to suit.

    Career Accomplishments and achievements:

    Full member of the PGA of Australia
    Head Teaching Professional at The Willows Golf Club, Australia 2006
    Head Teaching Professional at The Country Club Tasmania, Australia 2007/08
    Head Teaching Professional at TourBound Golf Academy, USA 2015
    PGA Tour of Canada Tour Card 2008-2013
    PGA Tour of Australasia Tour Card 2009-2014
    One Asia Tour Card 2011-2014
    Winner of 2008 PGA Tour of Canada Qualifying school
    Winner of the Audi Classic 2009

    Position: regional director for recruiting - Australasia

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